about me

I remember, as if it were today, the birthday present I received on my fourteenth birthday, a Canon camera.

For the first months I didn’t let it go, it was like a companion I couldn’t do without.
But everything was expensive, the film, the developing and in some cases the enlargements.
I even developed the negatives at home and, with a very rudimentary enlarger, made some prints.

I was lucky enough to work all my life in a print plant, with huge presses, where we produced millions of daily and weekly papers, magazines, books, and other publications.

During all those years, millions of images passed by my eyes, in B&W and in color, taken by so many photographers traveling the world looking for that moment.

I have looked at images of smiles, of panic, of horrors and of stunning beauty, from the extreme health of athletes to the degrading images of disease, images of unacceptable wars to the most unbelievably beautiful landscapes. And the news that were also transformed into images of our own making.

My passion for image has been growing, and today I am sure that my professional life has taught me almost as much as these photographers, spread around the world, have taught me.
I would like to thank all of them, the established ones and those who will be one day, for everything they have taught me and everything they have shown me through their eyes.

A very special thanks to a great friend, João Martins Pereira, also a photography lover who inspired me to create my site and to his wife, my dear Mónica, who told me so many times that I should do it.

A special thanks to XmediaDesign, who has built it.



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